Sneha Mishra

Digital Designer & Front-end Developer

Located in Sydney, Australia

Currently working at Creature Lab

Hi! I'm Sneha a 25 year old digital designer from Wellington, NZ.

In 2014 I graduated from Massey University with a (BDes(Hons)) and then jumped on plane across the ditch to Sydney where I've been lucky to work with the lovely folks at Big Mobile and most recently with the awesome guys at ED.Digital as a Designer & Front-end Developer.

I'm a designer first but like to experiment with code to add interactivity to my work. In my spare time you can find me eating a vego burger, playing my ukulele or documenting my outfits in pixels.

36 Days of Type

Just recently I decided to take part in 36 days of type challenge over on instagram as a personal side project. These are some of my favourites letters for the 36 days.

Maori History Website

I was fortunate enough to work part time with the awesome people at Haunt Digital for a few months during my final year of study. One of the sites I designed during that time was the Maori History Website.


Inspired by my windy hometown of Wellington, Layer is an app tells you know how many layers of clothing you need to be wearing before you head out the door. The app relies on crowdsourcing user data in order to provide a more accurate forecast for the area. This app was initially ceonceptualised and designed for a university project but the identity was updated in 2016 as a personal project.

The Paper Project

Massey University recycles on average, 26 tonnes of paper every year. We decided this paper could be put to better use. Most of the waste paper was sourced from the design school where the paper thrown out is hardly used, blank on one side, or completely blank all together. We also wanted to showcase the students design work, this paper was used as end covers which made each book unique and awesome to look at. This project was completed as part of a group.

Big Mobile

A collection of mobile ad units from my time at Big Mobile. A majority of these required the creative to have a high engagement rate while still being impactful and generating awareness for the brands. I was responsible for seeing this work through from initial concept stages to the final executions. The final units were developed using HTLM5, CSS3 and Jquery.


Together is a short interactive game like experience which aims to illustrate the discriminations, judgments and challenges that are faced by couples in interracial relationships. The aim of this experience is not to solve the issue but instead to serve as a social commentary and highlight how these tensions can sometimes impact the outcome of these relationships. A final version of the game was built using Unity.